About Vrutika

Candid wedding photographer, best wedding photography in India

Clicking anything is very easy, but clicking something meaningful changes its whole meaning. It’s the value and feelings that photography adds to a picture.

As a kid, inspired by art all around, drawing and painting was a god’s gift. After finishing junior college there was something which made me look forward to more and more creativeness. That’s when I was introduced to designing and photography. Photography is a never ending journey. Every new shoot brings in new challenges and growth. Enriching the art with professional certification and programs and winning accolades and exhibition, I moved a step closer to perfecting the art to photography. I have paved my way through technological change with swift adaptation for better skill, moving from the time-consuming rolls and darkroom to digital prints.

My 1st project as a still photographer was for a Bollywood movie ‘Jaane Kaha Se Aaye Hai’ and moved on to assist a few of the most renowned names in the industry like Ronny Sequeira, Nitin Patel etc. Just as the challenge was not enough I took to shooting and writing for a magazine for a few years. Moving through the various genres of photography like fashion, travel and wildlife, stills, dance, wedding, various technical’s in an attempt to perfect the art, I decided on an open challenge ‘freelancing’.

Through time and various projects, I found a niche for a concept called Candid Photography for events, mainly ‘Candid Wedding Photography’ and for travel and wildlife. I wanted to bring a new perspective to people’s perception of pictures in their very lives along with living the challenge of exploring toughness.

As art cannot be confined I do also exploit my skills on Fashion, Interiors, Portraits, etc as well. I have to admit my fetish for my equipment, I keep collecting different types of cameras whenever I come across something new or vintage.

I’d conclude for all those people who love photography, have an eye for what you shoot.

P.S. – Never be embarrassed about something you like.