September 19, 2016

Deipti & Varun

You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without!

A little about you & Varun, how did you’ll meet and what do you’ll do?
Varun and I met through a common friend. He saw my picture in the common friend’s dp and asked for my number. At first I was very apprehensive in meeting him or even giving my number but as I started speaking to him through messages I thought there’s no harm in meeting him once. We met along with a group of friends for dinner, (I know this will sound cliché) I started having a soft corner for him for some reason. We started meeting quite frequently after that for dinner and drives but were just friends, both of us were not ready to take it to the next level, but eventually we did and rest is history.

Varun is a jewellery designer and manufacturer and I am working in a company as corporate relations associate

b) What was the concept behind the couple shoot?
Basically the concept of the couple shoot was according to our personalities and how our relationship is which is to be fun and not very lovey dovey and romantic. Our shoot mostly had a fun concept with lot of masti and teasing each other.

A bit about your events, which one was the most fun? Any vivid memory you recollect about the two of you’ll?
The wedding events were super fun and of course with a lot of anxiety. It started with the Mehendi function with all the friends and family dancing. Next day was the wedding day which was unforgettable.

The best event was the reception (which is a nightmare for most of the couples) as it was just not a normal boring reception event but a full-fledged lively party where our family and friends were at their best enjoying by drinking and dancing their hearts out.

Details about your outfits and accessories?
My wedding outfit was from Kalki and Reception outfit was from Aza

Varun’s wedding outfit was from Mujrosa Boutique and reception outfit was from the designer Umang Mehta

My wedding Jewellery was from Meena Jewellwers Dubai and Reception Jewellery was from Jewellery lounge made by Varun Goil

Any recommendation about my work and Photography?
Vrutika you are an amazing photographer who connects with their clients and their stories and journey and make them feel very comfortable during the shoot.
Cheers to the fabulous work!!!

Wedding Photography: Vrutika Doshi & Prathik Engineer
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